Italian Cuisine has evolved and is stepping up and ready to leap from a fragmented regional, folkloric image to a cuisine recognized simply as… Italian! The New San Domenico features a contemporary array of dishes from the entire Italian and Meditteranean territories, by exploring the diversity and the bounty of a product driven Cuisine. The food selections vary from a small portions menu at the Bar, served for 12 hours, to a full menu at the Dining Room tables. Lunch is a special meal at SD26. Il Quadrifoglio (the health symbol in Italy) is a one-course meal, nutritionally balanced, studied by a set of Nutritionists a the University of Milano, with the menus composed by skilled professionals. These special menus, while not compromising with the taste of the food, have the property to re-energize you for the afternoon work at the office.

SD26 features a Mediterranean way of eating grains, olive oils and wines. The winning triad! Plus vegetables and fruits from small farm producers, meats and fowl from free-range farms and organically preserved boxed, canned or jarred specialty food products.